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(св. Преподобный Амвросий Оптинский)
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(Притч 25, 20).
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(Притч 1,13).


Employees’ insurance is an important aspect of the corporate policy adopted by any company. Provision of a solid social package is a good way to attract qualified employees to the organization.

Voluntary health insurance (VHI)

The generally accepted key component of the social package provided by an enterprise to its employees is voluntary health insurance.

Voluntary health insurance is an easy, affordable and cost-effective (by way of tax incentives) way for a company to provide its employees with qualified medical care in addition to medical care guaranteed by the state.

Programs under the VHI policy include:

  • outpatient care
  • home health care
  • first medical aid and emergency medical services
  • dental care
  • emergency and routine inpatient care
  • office doctor
  • personal physician
  • prenatal and maternity care
  • children's medical programs
  • treatment abroad
  • and many more.

In addition, VHI policies for relatives of employees (upon agreement with the insurance company) are also available.

Accident and health insurance

Insurance risks under an accident and health insurance are the consequences of an accident occurred within the insurance period or an emerging (newly diagnosed) illness:

Usually, accident insurance coverage includes:

  • payment of the full insurance amount in the event of death as a result of an accident;
  • payment of insurance cover in the event of permanent full or partial disability (assessment of disability by I, II, III category / “disabled child” for the insured child as a result of an accident);
  • payment of a daily allowance for days of temporary incapacity for work due to an accident and / or payment of insurance cover to the Insured upon suffering bodily harm as a result of an accident;

The coverage may also include additional risks:

  • death and / or disability of the Insured as a result of illness;
  • hospitalization of the Insured as a result of an accident (or illness);
  • temporary disability of the Insured as a result of illness;
  • diagnosis of the Insured (generally, for serious, the so-called critical (heart attack, stroke, hepatitis), illnesses and diseases), provided for by the insurance agreement;
  • need for surgery as a result of an accident (or illness);
  • reimbursement of medical expenses when traveling abroad (see travel insurance).

The duration of the insurance coverage is determined by the insured and may be selected as both maximum (24 hours per day) and limited (for example, only for the period of the insured's official duties / for the time spent in an educational (preschool) institution / during sports activities, etc.).

Retirement insurance and security

Retirement insurance
is a type of personal insurance in which the insured pays the insurance premium in a lump sum or in installments, and the insurer undertakes to pay the insured a pension for a specified period or for life on a regular basis.